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The following testimonials were all freely given. My clients are never obliged to provide testimonials.

Tamara had a question mark over the way her home felt and asked me to check it out:

I was feeling fine, with time on my hands and wondering why I always felt tired after spending time with my nearest and dearests. I was also curious about some mysterious damp patches in a room in my house. So asked Steve to look into it.

Strangely, when I was typing the email my legs began to shake and my mind came up with the word 'betrayal'. However, I know I always get cold after sitting down a while and I've always had an active imagination. So I went out in the sunshine, food shopping.

When Steve got back to me I was surprised but, looking back it all made sense. There was a moving portal in my home with some earthbound spirits about. I had a parasitic entity around me ready to feed on anyone who got close, holes in my aura and two earthbound spirits attached. Well, I felt like a leper! Thanks to social distancing a bunch of people were spared from having their energy sucked. Fortunately, I only had to wait a day and a night for the removal.

For a few days afterwards I was in disbelief, my nerves were a bit jittery too. Steve said I'd had a bit of a detox and sent me healing, he said he would check again after the weekend. Well, what a feeling! I felt so safe and cared for, I finally relaxed. All the wondering about how I picked up the 'thing' and who from evaporated into thin air. With some more healing I was 'ready to go' .

I now see how anxious I was under the surface, back then. I am now protecting myself diligently, feeling bright, creative and full of life.  The hardest part of this experience was leaving the cocoon of safety that Steve and Lauren set up, to stand on my own two feet. But, I did it.

To anyone who has a low energy situation going on, I encourage you to ask Steve to check it out.

For the umpteenth time,

Thank you.

Tamara, Wales, UK

Anna was experiencing anger and loss of self-control that was out of character for her:

At the time I reached out to Steve, I was in dire straits. I felt psychologically heavy and uncharacteristically angry all the time. I had always been slow to anger and extremely non-confrontational, so when I started having nearly violent outbursts at loved ones in which I felt I was not in control, crying for no reason, and feeling extremely emotionally volatile, I knew in my gut that something was off. I was (and still am) being treated for depression, anxiety, and ADHD but simply knew that my problems were beyond those issues. 

I emailed Steve on a Saturday and he responded on Monday, and confirmed my suspicions as well as explained the cause of a fair amount of issues that I hadn't even thought to mention to him in my initial email. On Tuesday afternoon while on the way to a meeting, I suddenly felt the "ball of anger" in my chest dissipate and immediately had a sensation of lightness and peace. Steve let me know shortly after that he had finished the removals, and I was amazed that my sudden improvement seemed to coincide with his removal. That night, I felt sleepy in a good way - as opposed to fatigued and worn out - for the first time in a very long time, and ended up getting an uninterrupted 10 hours of sleep. 

The healing process after the removal consisted of me being a little sluggish for a few days as well as some dizziness and headaches, but my mood remained high and the feelings of anger or heaviness didn't return. It kind of felt like the tiredness you experience after getting over a bad virus. I just rested during this time and didn't try to take on any overly stressful tasks. In the following few weeks, I had a couple very minor bumps in the road that Steve attended to quickly and free of additional charge.

It's now been almost a month since the removal. My relationships with loved ones have improved, because I don't have that constant anger just below the surface, and I now have more energy to complete everyday tasks. I'm also more able to separate the problems that were caused by the entities from the problems caused by my various mental health conditions, which has been extremely helpful.

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation enough to Steve. It may sound dramatic, but I really believe the removal changed my life, and I see my life as sectioned into "before" and "after". Things seem brighter now and instead of being in fear of what lies ahead, I am optimistic for my future.

Anna, Sweden

Samantha was getting work done to her home and asked me to check whether there was an entity issue:

Thank you so much for your work on my home and myself.. I would say that the changes are both subtle yet profound..

I contacted you when I was about to manage a much needed refurbishment. Since the 'work' the boys seem so much calmer, in fact the v Monday after the work had been conducted (and if feel it is a step by step process, even after the clearing, things take time to gradually improve and lift) the seemed less frought, stressed and under pressure. The v environment on which they were working shifted. I would say that each and every one has been ill and forcing themselves to work under pressure of their bodies also wonder if they are experiencing detox symptoms too.. Perhaps as the house cleanses so are they.. But the major difference is that the builders are much calmer. Funnily enough they gave me a lot of feedback this week commenting on what a pleasure it has been to work with me since I'm now happier, more relaxed too.I personally believe the 'demon' was effecting the mood of those within the house and thatthe house had elements of anger. There seems to be a gradual clearing that is continuing though I still sense a coldness in the front room, paet of the house thst isn't yet getting touched by refurbishment and upheaval. The place feels lighter, airer and less oppressive but the boys have commented thst it feels like they're entering a new job and space and my mood makes them happy.. 

Unto me.. More subtle. The first day or so after your clearing I remember dreaming that my hand felt pinned down and I couldn't move it, no matter how hard I tried. Quite strange. I can understand why you needed to clear my sacral and base Chakra.. My eating habits have fallen by the wayside during the building work and my diet not so healthy.. But my energy returned this week and I was able to be more myself, began working out and making healthier choices.. 

So all in all v good. 

Thank you ever so much, your work is excellent and exceptional

With Warmest Regards,


Nicolas had a sudden spiritual opening two years ago and had felt something was affecting the way people saw him and interacted with him since that time:

I just wanted to let you know that I have been feeling the highest sense of health and wellness for the last couple days I have ever experienced since my awakening 2 years ago. I am really well grounded now and have received so much clarity from your work that has led me to readjust my life to be more aligned with my higher self. I am eternally grateful for everything you have done and would like to sign up for your monthly check up service you offer. You are truly a blessing to everyone you help and I wish you all the best this Christmas and New Year!


Carrie had tried to get help for her symptoms from a range of different therapists before consulting me. Her recovery was not instantaneous, she was patient enough to let her energy build back up after the removals.

I was so tired for such a long time. Forever. I was too sensitive to other people's energy. I was stuck, in a rut, forever fighting depression. I kept asking various types of healers for answers: Shamans, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, Reiki Masters. They either had no advice or bad advice. I just got worse. Steve accurately assessed the problem and then fixed it. I am so grateful, it's hard to express. It has been months of cleansing and becoming stronger but my energy, concentration and ability to direct my life has changed dramatically. I am crying as I write this. I feel that my life is finally my own. Thank you so much.


S. is a professional therapist, but she noticed her desire to help people had left her and she felt down. I found entities that were sapping her energy and lowering her spirits:

I really appreciate that you have checked back in with me so often over the past few weeks since my clearing. It's comforting and I feel I am in good hands. I am very pleased with your effectiveness and care. Also, just wanted to mention things have continued to improve for me the past month and new opportunities and connections are opening up. My health, mood, optimism and business have improved as well.

S. Brodie

Kraeg felt there was an entity problem around him and asked for my help:

In April 2014 after an incident that indicated the possibility of an unwanted entity presence in my life, I decided to find someone who could determine if I had any unwanted energies around me and then clear me of them. I came across Steve's website and felt strongly that I should contact him and request the free initial assessment he offered. After he got back to me and told me of his findings I agreed to pay for his services which included several 'removals' and some auric repair. 

From the very beginning Steve was effective, providing subtle but tangible results. Importantly, he provided a high level of support from beginning to end and kept me informed the whole time via email about what he was doing based on his insights into what healing I required. He also gave me a visualisation tool that I continue to use to keep myself protected and clear. 

Now, some weeks after he commenced clearing and 'repairing' me, I feel more complete and cohesive, as well as more at peace in my day-to-day life. Steve also gave support to my son and cleared my girlfriend's house of a nasty presence that was bothering us here – we used to feel like someone/something was going to push us down the stairs at night and I would often get goose-bumps; but the place now feels 'quieter' and clearer and is a much lighter living space to be in. 

Steve is competent, professional, and thorough in what he does. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered someone with such a high level of expertise and would recommend him to anybody needing to clear themselves or their property of malevolent entities/energies.

Kraeg, Australia

Ursula was feeling anxious about the state of her health when she contacted me:

When I contacted Steve a few months ago my health had been deteriorating for some years. I had survived a severe illness which necessitated two surgeries, and continued to suffer from its aftereffects which forced me to take an early retirement. Yet, although my health slowly improved to eventually reach a fragile stability, my life-long high energy and zest for life never returned as I had hoped they would. It seemed that I was getting increasingly weak, exhausted, angry, and depressed. Overwhelming fatigue would last for days before I recovered again. I was often in severe pain that defied a diagnosis and felt physically and emotionally miserable, but had no idea why my life seemed to get worse instead of better.

Finally, a few months ago, I began to sense that I was probably going to die soon, although I had no overt illness at that point. At times, I began to think that there might be unseen forces beyond my control that were causing my malaise; yet, I was afraid to explore these thoughts about potential paranormal interferences any further, as I felt inexperienced and therefore helpless to deal with the occult.

Paul was feeling desperate when he reached out for help:

Thanks again for all your help and support over these past months. You have made such a large difference in my life and am blessed to have found someone with your gifts and talents to help. You truly are a light worker in the most divine capacity.

Thank you so much,Bless you, I am eternally grateful.


Sam suffered horrible nightmares for 5 years:

I feel so much better than I have done in years. I can feel my back and my back muscles again there is no heavy weight there any more. I haven't had any nightmares and I do feel better. I just want to thank you again, for helping me to get cleared, I honestly thought I would not get the help. I have asked so many people about my nightmares and all they said is its me and im just stressed. I really appreciate that you listened and genuinely helped me. Thank you again.


Andrea's son was in a very serious state of health and conventional treatments had not helped him. Andrea contacted me as his carer:

I truly believe that if I had not come across Steve’s web site, something dreadful would have happened to my son. I had been his sole carer for about six years as he was an alcoholic and was suffering from mental health problems, or so he was told. He was hearing voices which terrified him, experienced hallucinations and awoke screaming every night which caused him to drink even more alcohol. When I read the signs and symptoms page on Steve’s site, I realised that my son was suffering from almost all of them. He had been sectioned several times, spending spells in mental health hospitals where he was given very strong anti-psychotic drugs which had side effects and would most probably shorten his life. He went in to a Residential Rehabilitation Centre for Alcoholics only to be sent home within two days as they could not cope with his psychosis.

Our house was noisy at night, knocking sounds and sometimes light bulbs shattering. I had a few unpleasant experiences and felt an evil presence on more than one occasion. In desperation I prayed every night, begging for someone to help my son. I never expected to be sent Steve but I am so glad that I was and will always be so grateful for his help and kindness.  

At first my religious beliefs stopped me from asking Steve for help but the love I have for my son overcame that. Steve immediately answered my e-mail and within twenty-four hours revealed that my son was heavy with entities, at least four earthbound, a demon and a large astral parasite that started at his crown, went all the way down his back, then under his base chakra and all the way up his front to end at the throat chakra. I thought Steve’s charges for removal were very reasonable and asked him to go ahead which he did within twenty four hours of my first e-mail. There was also a portal under my son’s bed which Steve closed.   

On the day that the entities were removed my son vomited violently several times and he slept a lot for the next couple of days. Two months on our lives have changed so much. My son is well on the road to recovery with no symptoms of psychosis and no longer taking medication. He is happy, sleeps easy at night and no longer feels the need for alcohol. He has at last a future to look forward to.

There must be so many other people in this world with severe symptoms like my son and could be helped by entity removal? I just hope that they or someone who loves and cares for them will read this testimonial.

Andrea, UK

Iris has had some very challenging issues over her lifetime, I found complex ET involvement.

Everyone has written beautifully about Steve's expertise, and equally beautifully about the changes in their lives since working with Steve as a healer. I want to say something about Steve as a person. I wrote to him about a month ago, in a very vulnerable and freaked out state of mind. He treated me then, and continues to treat me now, with acceptance and dignity. There was a surprise waiting for me when I began to work with Steve. This surprise was his response to my need for hand holding as the sessions progressed. His kindness and unruffled responses to my letters have given me hope that issues which have plagued me my entire life might be embraced, and not rejected. For those of you reading these testimonials and considering working with him, please gift yourself, and watch grace unfold.

Iris, USA

I was recommended to Melissa by her uncle who had been happy with my services. Although she hadn't come across my line of work before she was willing to give entity removal a go.

Hi Steve

It's honestly hard to believe how good I feel but whatever it is you did worked. I feel this freedom in my soul that I haven't felt in over a decade and I am only 22. I feel this release of tension both in my body and mind. I'm seeing clearer and things just don't feel bad as they did. I honestly feel happy. Thank you for helping me. My life has really changed that its so hard to find the words to even explain. 

Melissa, USA

Elizabeth had issues that stemmed right back to early childhood. I found and removed an ET implant that had been moving up and down her spine.

It does feel like a massive purge is in progress involving almost every area of my life and was certainly long overdue! Small things like cords being cut, people at my workplace who were not good for me suddenly finding other jobs etc., and when I tried to light up a cigarette last I was utterly repelled by it and haven't smoked since. In fact, unhealthy things I used to crave suddenly lost all appeal to me and now when I get up to start my day there is a lightness I can't ever remember feeling.

To say I am much happier is putting it mildly! Also my intuition was already decent but has skyrocketed, I feel there is a new dimension of clarity and my guidance is clear and direct without the muddy confusion. I can't believe I was living under such limited thinking and negative feeling for an entire lifetime. I feel extreme gratitude for you, your help and for the forces that guided me to reach out to you. I can see so many new possibilities, for happiness and service to others, and my creativity is bubbling up slowly again. Before all I could see myself as was a mess, now I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to, get any job, finish my degree and travel to all the places I always wanted to, help animals and create art. I feel less self absorbed and very lucky to be alive. I can't thank you enough:)


Fiona had been suffering from an uncomfortable throat for a long time and felt she couldn't speak up. I found spiky thistle-type balls lodged there.

Hi Steve

Just to let you know that I´m doing fine. Something big definitely shifted from my throat, and I no longer have to spend a large proportion of my life in silence - which is great! I'm still super-sensitive and must be vigilant about keeping my energy field clean and staying grounded but I´ve taken a significant step in the right direction thanks to your help.

I´ll know where to come should I ever need help again in the future.

Thanks again


Linus wasn't feeling right after a strange incident at work. I found the main issues were a spirit attachment and aura damage:

Hi and a huge thank you from me!!!

I confess I was a bit sceptical at first but I could actually feel the removal of the spirit, a subtle suction force around mostly the neck area that didn´t last a very long time. Afterwards a different calmer feeling. Today I woke up much more relaxed than usual and I feel happy. Thank you again!

Linus, Sweden

Bruce had suffered from worries and anxiety which had got worse over recent years.

Your work is much appreciated. Since last Thursday, I have noticed a real change - there is an inner tension (that I have been living with for a long time) which seems to have dissappeared. There is a lightness that I am feeling, that I have not felt in a long time. I feel more relaxed than I have felt in ages...You have a real gift for healing Steve, and I really appreciate the help you have been able to provide me.

Bruce, Canada

Pierre had experienced interrupted sleep and strange phenomena for a long time:

Dear Steve

I don't know how you have managed to do this, but you have changed my life.

All the symptoms of the attacks have stopped - and I mean all of them.

No more being woken up during the night feeling terrified, no more voices in my bedroom and no more energetic shivers after I wake up in the morning.

I honestly do not know how to thank you .

I did feel slightly unwell as I detoxed, but the peace of mind and euphoria of the healing has overcome the discomfort.

I have been plagued by this situation since 1996, and you have seriously changed my life.

I will never be able to Thank you enough.


George is a Medium and had been experiencing difficulties moving forwards on his spiritual path:

After going through what can only be described as hell for over a year - and probably a lot longer, without being fully aware of what was going on - I was at a point where something had to change. I simply was at the end of my rope.

I had been to see no fewer than six spirit release practitioners - two of them supposedly the best in the business - in addition to a supposedly all-powerful evangelical exorcist, but nothing seemed to be working. Then one day, after ranting to spirit a few nights earlier, I believe I was led to Steve's website. I immediately got a good feeling - I liked how it looked, liked what it said and how it was said, and, when I tuned into Steve's pic, I got a very strong intuitive feeling that he was the man who could help me. Read the rest of George's testimonial here .

Therese had been suffering from a range of symptoms for years and felt there was a lot of darkness in her life:

I would like to share all the positives about this week. I´m not afraid
going to sleep anymore, I have´nt had any nightmares or sleep paralysis
since the removal. I feel much lighter and warmer in my body, the empty
"misty" look of my eyes is gone, know they look more alive and sparkly. I feel no shame or fear of being "revealed" around other people.
So it´s a big difference, I´m sure this will be lifechanging and a new beginning.

Therese, Sweden

Tammy is a Reiki practitioner who had experienced several entity attacks over a period of years that she linked to a deterioration in her health.

Thank you Steve, I really appreciate your expertise and knowledge in this crazy area of life people rarely know about. I am grateful that I listened to my inner-ness and was able to find you so easily. I feel now that all that has been blocking me has been lifted. I can finally start looking into why I am really here for this time around. I never really considered myself normal, but what is normal, lol. I will definitely call upon you if I feel I need a check up. I am relieved to know I have you to assist me if need be. A whole new beginning, life is good.

Tammy, Las Vegas USA

Having dealt with several cases of ET implants like Andy's I have seen just how debilitating they can be. They are not the easiest of removals but the results can be very satisfying.

I will always regard finding Steve as a miricale in itself. I had been suffering through a complete schizophrenic breakdown for fifteen years and was at the point where I didn't think I could make it to the end of the month, I was completely burnt out and totally depleted of energy, my mind was full of horrid bitter thoughts and resentment of life in general. To anyone who could see me I looked as if I was gone, dead behind the eyes so to speak. Through total desperation basically and nothing left to lose I kind of prayed a simple pray, I asked that If any beings of the light, guardian angles or spirit guides could hear me I offer my fullest consent for them to help me. Two nights later through an uncanny set of events I came across Steve's website At first I thought "can this be for real" but I realised that there was nothing to lose from a free consultation so I sent off a photo.

Within a few days I got a reply, Steve said that I had a large astral parasite on my back stretching form the top of my head right down to my base chakra, my aura was in tatters like a paper doily and that I wasn't grounded, more seriously he said I had three Et implants, one in my solar plexus where I had all the pain, one in my heart chakra and one behind my third eye; this was a bit of a shock but I wasn't totally surprised and to be honest I was quite releaved that something this serious was going on as it answered a lot of questions. I was a bit concerned sending money to someone over the internet but I had a genuine feeling about Steve so went ahead. The healing and transformation that took place from the removal of these things and the repair to my aura and being grounded was remarkable and instant, I litterally felt it happening. I wish I could explain it more clearly but its beyond words, like a spiritual rebirth

I now smile real smiles, all the pain has gone and I feel spiritually rehydrated if there is such a thing. Steve also keeps an eye on you for a couple of weeks afterwards to make sure all is well.

This is very powerful healing and absolutly worth every penny and a whole lot more. Obviously I can never look at life the same way as before and for this I am eternally greatful both to Steve and the light which is more real than you could ever imagine. Just like the song Amazing Grace "I was lost but now I'm found." I've been thanking Steve every day since and I'm sure you will too.

                                                                                                Andy Wales UK

This lady was distressed by the entities that were causing her physical pain and sleep deprivation. Until this time she had no idea that anything like this existed. Now she is cleared she is keen to learn more about healing.

My name is Adriana and I live in Holland, Europe.

About 2 weeks ago I thought that I did not have much time left to live. I was under continuous attack by astral parasites, but had no idea what was happening to me. I was in tremendous pain and I was lacking sleep for 3 months.

This started 3 and a half months ago when I started to feel energy rushes through my body. In the beginning the energies that I felt were pleasant, but after having them bouncing and vibrating for hours in my body, I would feel physical pain. I have never experienced anything unnormal before, so what was happening to me was completely new and scaring. I was lacking sleep, as the energies would come strongly at night and I would stay awake and fight them by closing my chakras as I have taught myself to do from YouTube videos. After some time, the energies would locate themselves in the main chakras and would change place from time to time. Every morning I would be tired and feel a lot of pain.

This lady's case was unusual. She had undergone such a difficult decision making that her psyche had literally split and when I looked at her I could see two parts of her that needed to be reunited:

Hi Steve,

Thank you! Yes, I woke up this morning feeling a bit confused. I wanted to

tell you over the past few days I have noticed the pains in my aura

lessening. In fact most of the pains in my body that I originally emailed

you about seem to be going away.

When you mentioned the elderly Native American guide that really resonated

with me. My family has long been studying and honoring the Native American

traditions. Although I don't think we have American Indian blood in our

lineage, we do have strong connections to them. I am so glad you were able

to work with my guide and that he will watch over. 

It is interesting...I think I actually found you through my guide. As I mentioned, I have been feeling these pains for 3 years. I have tried many different energy

healings, but nothing has worked. I had pretty much given up and figured

this was how I would live out the rest of my life...feeling these strange

pains in my aura. Then one day I got the idea to ask my guides to show me

how to make the pains go away. Right after that, I was flipping through the

internet and I stumbled across and article that your wife wrote, that led me

to your site. I immediately knew you would be the one to help me. I asked

my Tarot if this is the way I should go and the cards I got were "Truth",

"Accelerated Motion" and "Triumph". It is funny that at first I though I

might have an entity, but I am glad you were able to accurately diagnose me.

Heather, Atlanta, USA

This client had been experiencing some very disturbing symptoms and needed entity removals. She experienced quite a strong healing crisis and I'm sharing this so that people realise that sometimes to get better it is necessary to go through a phase like this:

Hi Steve

Thanks for helping me!

I had a bit of a crisis at work on thursday and I didn't know what was happening to me, it came from nowhere. It felt almost like an anxiety attack, I was feeling dizzy, nauseus, weepy and shaky and had to lay down for half an hour. My collegues sent me home a bit earlier. However, anxiety is no stranger to me as I have suffered from it for years, but it never felt as intense as it did that day. I was really really tired, still am more tired than usual, and I slept for 12 hours thursday night!! 

I've had trouble sleeping for years and I can't even remember last time I slept THAT long! And was happy to read your email (understand why now)!

I haven't had any nightmares, and my sleep has been much better too. I am however still very tired and need lots of resting. But it's a good feeling, and I feel lighter in spirit. My body isn't aching as much as before, still some aches and pains, but it's much better and I feel more positive that everything will be fine.

I can't thank you enough for helping me realise that it's possible for me to feel good about myself, that there's reason to feel hope about the future!

Olga, Sweden 

This lady had been experiencing difficulties in her life for many years. When I worked with her I found a part of her that had been lost in childhood and needed to be retrieved. The change she experienced was dramatic:

Dear Steve

I have felt the change - possible within 36 hours - life has turned around - I feel different - a number of lovely events have occurred over the last week I feel the most whole now than I ever can remember. Content is the best word to describe what I am experiencing.

Vivian, Australia

This couple both felt the benefits of their entity removal:

There is a lot of transformation happen with Sean and me. Somehow I started feeling differently toward many people in my life, including Sean himself. I feel I became calmer and see the world more objectively. Sean feels that he has a lot of energy and was able to get deeper into his healing and ego-purification processes.

This lady contacted me concerned about the difficult behaviour of her husband. I found there had been a dominant past life persona in control, in addition to the actions of dozens of curses. Names remain anonymous as the husband has a high profile job.

Before myself and husband found Steve on the internet, we were both in a very dark emotional place.   My husband had been acting very strange and was not a very pleasant person to be around.   When Steve checked him out he discovered that my Husband was full of curses placed from past lives.   Steve initially felt that he could not work on my husband, It was too much of a risk for himself.   However after initially removing an entity from him Steve proceded and slowly started to remove the curses.     My husband lightened up and the whole atmosphere in the house is much happier.   Our family notice huge changes for the better. I will be eternally grateful to Steve for taking the risk and going ahead.   This has brought my husband and I together in harmony and has made sense of a lot of what has happened these last 23 years.

I would recommend anyone who knows deep down that their lives are being blocked by any kind of spiritual interference and strange occurances to contact Steve.

Julie was being followed about by a voluptuous spirit lady who 'loved men' and was sending out seductive vibes that got her unwanted male attention. I nicknamed the spirit 'Mae West' as she was rather reminiscent of the late star.

Hi Steve

Thankyou so much for removing the two astral parasites and the spirit that were attached to me. The larger parasite in particular was contributing to my already existing stomach problems and worsening my asthma symptoms. I felt like a weight had been lifted after the removal. The spirit which you named the "Mae West entity" was making it difficult for me to go out in public. Men of all different ages and professions were being attracted to me in a way that reminds me of movies and TV shows where a person is put under a spell or drinks a love potion. It seemed as though they weren't seeing me as myself. I doubt I will ever forget the expressions on their faces or the strange way they acted towards me. She really was using them as much as she was using me. It's such a relief for this ordeal to be over.

Your kindness and generosity has helped me to deal with this strange experience and it is comforting to know that I can call on you if I should ever need to again.

Thanks again for everything

Julie, Pennsylvania, USA

When I looked at Matthew's energy field I found some serious issues including an ET implant within a soul part that had not been properly reintegrated.

I can't say enough good about Steve Deeks and I'm so very glad I had contacted him. I had some soul work done with a Shaman that consisted of having as I was told a pretty nasty being removed before we could proceed to do the soul work. After that happened I had felt great and was pretty anxious to have my retrieval done. A few days after I'd been cleared we went ahead and did the soul retrieval. Soon after that work was done I started to feel not right again like I had felt before I was cleared and contacted the person I had worked with to be told I was still clear and ok now and not to worry about it. I was also told because I smoked I was attracting negative energies around me.Something about this just didn't sit right with me knowing plenty of others who smoked and betting they weren't feeling what I was feeling so I got curious and started to look around the net and came upon Steve's site. 

I saw that he would look at you for free and let you know his findings so I gave it a shot. Well, a day or so after I had sent him a picture Steve wrote back to explain how he had found 3 different things going on. I had an earth bound spirit who he actually could describe what he looked like to me also sensing he was not a nice character and somewhat of a bully in his day. I was then told I also had an astral parasite at the back of my heart chakra that went up to my crown. Then he explained how he was shown the soul retrieval I had done and one of the pieces that had come back was infected with a bluish seed like looking implant from a race of not nice beings. 

Well now I had something to think about. I guess I wasn't clear after all ha? I knew I didn't feel ok and could sense these energies and wanted them gone. I had decided to get back in touch with Steve and start to rid myself of these problems and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had each problem taken care of separately and could feel the benefit of each being gone when it was over. Steve is very fair with pricing too charging according to the nature of each problem. The implant was a dangerous task for him and costing me a bit more than the other 2 yet worth every penny. Steve is a great guy who's very adept at what he does and if you think you have a problem do yourself a favor and get in touch, you'll be glad you did.

Matthew, Vermont, USA

Mike was very fatigued and having problems sleeping, plus he wasn't thinking like his normal upbeat self. I found he had an Earthbound spirit attachment and an astral parasite.


I can't say thank you enough! Just to have someone like yourself who cares and is willing to help means the world to myself and i'm sure others like me. I am sleeping better, at least through the night now. My paranoid thoughts are diminishing, and i feel more like my old self each day.

I didn't really understand at first the level to which i was being drained... or how lengthly the recovery process would be. I get what is meant when you say transition, i think, i see it as a re-building of my own energies into a state where they are stable (what you initially mentioned)... so i take it as i'm still in the in-between stage where my energies are returning to that normal state. Which appears to be a long and winding road as opposed to a straight and narrow highway. Thank you for checking in on me again, it really helped put my mind at ease.

Mike, Michegan, USA

Before I started working for Carlos who lives in Mexico I was rather a sceptic on ETs and implants. Having removed one and been brought face to face with an 'ET committee' I've revised my beliefs!

My case with Extra-Terrestrials and Astral Implants (Beware, Very Dangerous Information!!!)

I really want to thank Steve for helping me to get out of my experience which really was a hard one to fight, he risked his life for me. I understand if you believe my story is pure delusional imagination, I would love it would be so. Entities Removal is not something that any healer or Guru can do, it involves in many cases, to risk your life because sometimes the spirits involved are very powerful entities with knowledge and consciousness far beyond ours.

Two brothers contacted me after experiencing difficult energies in the home. I found a portal which had a very large number of earthbound souls wandering through. These were taken to the Light.

Hi Steve,

We can’t thank you enough for your fantastic help. What was once a house filled with frenetic unsettled stuck energy, is now an island of calm stillness and quietude. Your energy clearing and assistance with earth bound souls has done wonders for the both of us, our environment, and the earthbound souls who have now continued their evolutionary cycle.

We enjoyed interacting with you and appreciate your understanding and swift response to our particular entity problem. We will not hesitate in referring you to our friends and associates with similar energetic circumstances.

Thank you again,

Bob and David


This client was feeling haunted and blocked on his spiritual path. I found there was a very unpleasant male spirit trying to make life difficult for him.

Hi Steve...

This is Mike here

Well, firstly I need to say a huge thank you to you....

This spirit has haunted me for a very long time... I believe he has come through to this life from another of my previous lives. And has had a very major impact on my life as hindsight I feel I was enslaved to him in some way, with unseen chains...I just didn't know any other way.. Funny enough the morning i woke up after your vanquishing i felt a strange feeling of sadness, or even loss. I seemed to feel as if something had been separated from me.... and oddly this felt quite weird to me. This peacefulness, calmness. My head was quiet... there didn't seem to be the usual interference or white noise which was normal to me. At this point now about 24 hours after it being gone, my body seems to have gone into a major mending phase, or detoxification. And it appears like I am coming more 'on-line' as time passes....

I just would like you to know how thankful I am.



This lady had been suffering ill health since a minor operation in 2001. I found a astral wildlife entity that had been present for a long time.

A big heartfelt thank you for all your efforts, I felt the result of the removal, I could physically feel the 'jellyfish', it felt like it was latched onto my intestines, I had this specific spot which would ache & I could feel movement within me (all very weird). All I feel now is a slight inflammation at that spot, it is a wonderful relief.



This lady was finding it hard to cope with her job and she had identified with several symptoms from the signs and symptoms page. I found she had three astral wildlife type entities.

Dear Steve,

Just wanted to thank you for the entity removal. The difference that I feel was so subtle at first that I didn't notice it, but now it is pretty amazing. I am able to deal with this job that I hate so much now. Its like a light was turned on that I couldn't see before. Thats the only way that I can explain it. Thank you.



One of Lauren's students contacted me as she had been feeling very drained and headachey. I found an unusual looking entity attachment looking almost like a stick figure running through her whole body.

I had been feeling very tired for the last week, but had been working overtime to meet a deadline so just attributed it to this. I also had a pounding headache that would not shift completely even after I had taken painkillers. It had gotten to the stage where I was just coming in from work, having food and going straight to sleep, but no matter how much sleep I had it didn’t seem to make a difference to how tired I felt the next day and my sleep was wracked with nightmares. I started to think that perhaps I was coming down with a cold. I only realised that something was wrong when I slept for 18 hours straight over the weekend, and had to force myself to get out of bed for food. To read the full testimonial please click here

This young mother had several snake like entities causing her pain and a spirit lady and child attached to her.

Hi steve,

thanks ever so much for helping me to feel better, it has been a very big experience for me events over christmas, a real wake up call to the reality of the spirit realm (the not so nice side) thanks so much for all your help, i will call on you in the future if i ever need to

kindest regards

rebecca xx


One of Lauren's students had arrived for her tuition feeling decidedly unwell. I cleared an astral parasite from around her head.

Thankyou so much for the work you carried out on me a few weeks ago. At the time i was experiencing alot of headiness and fuzziness which i could not shake off. You discovered at the time i had an attachment on the left side of my head and you proceeded to remove it very effectively. Lauren then kindly smudged me. Since then, from the very next day, my head has been alot clearer and the fuzziness has gone.

Please keep up the good work!

J. B. Shropshire

For obvious reasons people who have had entities may not want their full names listed publicly on the internet! This is why I have only used their first names or initials. 

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