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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Work?

I am a Shaman. I have been aware of my abilities to see and remove these unhelpful energies from people and places for the last twenty years. This is a natural gift I have carried through from other lifetimes, but I have also studied with others to widen my experience and repertoire. I have been trained in power retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction medicine, energy rebalancing, Shamanic counselling and energy cleansing. I have a team of Spirit Guides and Animal Allies who assist me. I work on the Astral plane, where these beings are. As time and space is not an issue on the Astral you do not need to travel to see me. I can work with you wherever you are in the world. 

How common are entities?

Surprisingly common! Most people will have at least had a parasitic entity at some point in their lives. Many will never have realised what was wrong. Sometimes astral parasites drop off, or transfer onto another person once your energy is exhausted, but it may take years for them to leave. Earthbound spirits are also quite common in my experience. 

How quickly will I feel better following my removals?

Some clients get immediate and lasting relief from all of their symptoms, others take days or weeks to notice a difference. If the symptoms were also related to a physical or mental illness then an entity removal may help with recovery, however the underlying illness may still need medical attention. Please do not expect entity removal to be a 'wonder cure'. If you had some issues before the entity attachments came along then they may have been exacerbated, but they will probably not magically vanish after the removal.

Will I need more healing?

I give all my clients some healing once their entities have been removed. I include follow up healing sessions to ensure my clients are recovering properly and to help them through the detox process that usually takes place after an entity removal. The number of follow up sessions depends on how severe the entity issue was and how quickly the client's energy is returning to normal.

Can entities move between family members and partners?

The short answer is yes! Normally astral parasites attach to one person, just like a leech, but they can breed and cross over to others. Tentacled parasites will feed from the energy of others in the household creating holes in their auras as well as the client's. It is worth asking other members of the household to contact me for a check up if you are concerned. The good news is that babies and young children under the age of puberty have strong natural protection and rarely have entity attachments of their own. They can be upset by entities in the home however. 

Can entities return?

Once I have cleared an entity it will be gone. I do not give it the option of returning to bother you or another person again. Earthbound spirits are sent to the Light. Demons are destroyed. I do not believe you can 'convert' a demon into a 'lightbeing'. Demons are simply behaving according to their nature. If they were removed and left viable they'd return or find a new victim to torment. Everything is made of energy and energy is never destroyed. The energy from these beings will be recycled and reused by the Universe.

If your auric boundaries are weakened or your lifestyle choices expose you to entities then you can pick up more entities after you've been cleared. Read the Aftercare page to reduce the chance of future entity attachment, or ask to join my monthly check up service once you have been cleared.

Are the Earthbound spirits around me Relatives or Spirit Guides?

Earthbound spirits are normally just taking advantage of energy leaking from a damaged aura. They are rarely anyone you know. These are not be your Spirit Guides. Your true Guides always stand well back out of my way when I am working. I never remove genuine Spirit Guides.

Can Entity problems stem from Past Lives?

This can occasionally happen. These can be interesting cases to unpick and are often complex.

What is a Soul Retrieval?

Sometimes a life event is so shocking, scary or painful that a part of our energy goes off and hides from it. A soul retrieval is the process of finding and returning the soul part. If I am shown a soul retrieval is necessary then my role would be to find the missing soul fragment, provide it with healing, return it and reintegrate it with you. I do not offer soul retrieval work until you have been cleared of entity attachments.

What are Portals?

Portals are energy gateways between dimensions. They can be the reason behind repeated entity problems. I have had clients who have been 'cleared' over and over again by various mediums and other practitioners, only to have the problem return within hours or days. Having an open portal in your home is a bit like leaving your front door wide open and wondering why you have intruders. I can close portals if you suspect this is your problem. Send one photo of a room inside your home for me to check. 

I am an entity remover, not a doctor. If you have health concerns you should get them checked out with a qualified medical practitioner. Whilst we believe that entity removal can lift many and diverse symptoms for some people, others will have underlying physical and mental health issues that need to be addressed by a medically qualified professional.  

Note carefully that all materials on this site are copyright of Steve Deeks-D'Silva and Lauren D'Silva 2010-2017. All rights reserved. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission.All information on this site is based on our personal beliefs and opinions. 

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