Entity Removal

          Clearing Entities and Astral Wildlife from People and Places

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Work?

I am a Shaman. I have been aware of my abilities to see and remove these unhelpful energies from people and places for well over a decade. This is a natural gift I have carried through from other lifetimes, but I have also studied with others to widen my experience and repertoire. I have been trained in power retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction medicine, energy rebalancing, Shamanic counselling and energy cleansing. I have a team of Spirit Guides and Animal Allies who assist me. I work on the Astral plane, where these beings are. As time and space is not an issue on the Astral I can work with you wherever you are in the world.

How common are entities?

Too common! Most people will have had a parasitic entity at some point in their lives. Many will never have realised it. Some do drop off or 'jump ship' when a tastier energy field passes close enough, so sometimes people get clear without doing anything.

How quickly will I feel better?

This is a tricky one to answer. Some clients get immediate and lasting relief from all of their symptoms, others take days or weeks to notice any difference. If the main symptoms were down to a physical or mental illness then entity removal may help with recuperation, however the underlying illness will still need medical attention. Please do not expect entity removal to be a 'wonder cure'. If you had issues before the entity came along then they may have been exacerbated by it, but they will probably not just vanish after the removal.

Will I need more healing?

My guides usually surround my clients in healing light of varying colours when the entity has been removed. I'll feed back to you when this happens. Occasionally they will advise that you have healing from an energy practitioner and sometimes they even specify what form of healing you'd benefit from. My wife Lauren is a practitioner and teacher of Crystal Healing and can provide distant healing if you can't find anyone suitable locally. If you need medical treatment please go and get some.

Can entities move between family members and partners?

The short answer is yes! Normally the parasitical forms of astral wildlife attach to one person, just like a leech, but they can multiply and cross over to others, especially if the other person's energy looks like being a better feed. It is worth checking out other members of the household if you are concerned.

The good news is that babies and small children are usually shown to me as being wrapped in the wings of angels and rarely have anything even if the parent is suffering.

Can entities return?

Once I tell you I have cleared an entity it will be truly gone. Returning to you or another person is not an option for them. Entities are either taken into the Light, sent for 'retraining' or if that is not possible they are destroyed and their energy is released for reuse by the Universe.

I do not believe in 'converting' astral parasites into 'lightbeings' and will dispatch them. Attempting to retrain them would be as fruitful as training a flea not to bite. They are behaving according to their nature and if they were removed and left viable they'd soon reattach or find a new person or animal to feed from. Everything is made of energy and energy is never destroyed. The energy from these creatures will be recycled and reused by the Universe.

If your auric boundaries are weak or your lifestyle particularly exposes you to entities then you can pick up more entities even after you've been cleared. Read the Aftercare page carefully to reduce the chances of future entity attachment, or ask to join my monthly check up scheme.

Are the Earthbound spirits around me my Relatives or my Guides?

Earthbound spirits are normally just taking advantage of energy leaking from a damaged aura. They are rarely anyone you know. They will not be your Spirit Guides. True Guides always stand well back out of my way when I am working. I never remove genuine Guides.

Can Entity problems stem from Past Lives?

Yes! This can happen in the case of Earthbound spirits. Sometimes they want to 'get even' for something that was done to them in that lifetime and wait on the astral for the soul to reincarnate, or sometimes a vow was made that holds them. Time on the astral is not experienced as we perceive it, so the past life may be from hundreds of years ago. These can be interesting cases to unpick and are often complex, but I have found them rewarding as not only does the client experience relief, the trapped soul is usually released to the Light and can access the healing it needs.

What is a Soul Retrieval?

Sometimes a life event is so shocking, scary or painful that a part of our energy goes off and hides from it. A soul retrieval is the returning to the individual of that soul part. If I am shown a soul retrieval is necessary then my role would be to find the missing soul fragment, provide the necessary healing, return and reintegrate it with you. You can read Lauren's article on soul retrieval here.

What are Portals?

Portals are energy gateways between dimensions. They may be the reason behind repeated entity problems. I have had clients who have been 'cleared' over and over again by various mediums and other practitioners, only to have the problem return within hours or days. In these cases the spirits have often nipped off through a portal and hidden out there for a while. I can close portals if this is the problem.

Do You Deal With Psychic Attack Cases?

I am frequently asked to deal with cases in which the client feels they are under psychic attack, despite the fact I do not advertise this service. Please note I rarely take these cases on. I usually find that the attack has initially been provoked by the client's own behaviour. If you want my help you must be prepared to be absolutely open and honest & realise that I will not be used as a 'psychic hit-man'. These cases are usually expensive and time consuming to unpick. If you want cheap help, a quick fix, or someone who is prepared to 'attack' your perceived tormentor then you need to look elsewhere.

I think I am a targeted Individual. Can you help me?

I do not buy into the various conspiracy theories. If you think you are being targeted by the Government, intelligence agencies or similar I am not the therapist for you.

Why do you charge for your services?

Like you I need to pay for my food and shelter! If I didn't charge for doing this I would have earn my living another way and would be able to help far fewer people. I also believe that charging engages the energy of fair exchange. I always try to charge appropriately and frown upon some people out there who are taking advantage of people in desperate straits. Please read my Prices page for more information.

I am an entity remover, not a doctor. If you have health concerns you should get them checked out with a qualified medical practitioner. Whilst we believe that entity removal can lift many and diverse symptoms for some people, others will have underlying physical and mental health issues that need to be addressed by a medically qualified professional.  

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