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If you need help I offer a free initial consultation to gauge the nature of the problem. Please note that looking for you takes my time and energy and you should familiarise yourself with the information on my site and especially on this page before you make a request. Unfortunately I cannot work with everyone who contacts me. I choose who to work with based on my guidance. If I tell you I cannot work for you please accept this and find another therapist.

You should attach a recent photograph of yourself and let me know what part of the world you live in, plus any relevant background information including health issues. Ensure you are not wearing sunglasses, I need to be able to see your face. Please don't send photos of you with someone else in it, I need an individual photo to work with.

I politely request you check the size of the images you are sending. MB images are very large and quickly fill up my inbox. Please resize your photos to make the image files smaller so that they are measured in KB. If you don't know how to do this just send me ONE photo.

I may not respond to your email immediately but you will normally hear back from me within three or four working days.  I do not work at weekends, therefore please do not expect a response on Saturdays or Sundays. I appreciate your patience.

You must be prepared to correspond through email to work with me. I do not offer any phone or postal consultations . I make no exceptions!

I will keep your emailed correspondence as it is an important record of our interaction. I therefore will keep your data on file for seven years from your last contact with me. Your personal information is kept confidential. It is never shared beyond myself and my wife, therapist Lauren D'Silva who works closely with me. If you have any objection to me keeping your information in this way you will need to find someone else to help you.

Providing I can form the link I can work with you wherever you are. Ethically I ask that the person who has the problem contacts me directly. The only exceptions are where the client is a child in which case I can work through the parent, or if the client is unable to give their consent, for example because they are in intensive care, when their next of kin can ask on their behalf.

If the activity is experienced in your home please send a photo of ONE of the rooms. Take the photo by standing in the doorway of the room so that most of the room is in shot. Living room or master bedroom are usually good choices, but if you know there is activity in another area send that room. Do not send me more photos of your property, remember this is a free consultation and looking takes my time and energy.

If you have ever done any spellwork, been part of a magikal group, played with a Ouija board, gone ghost hunting, taken part in seances or been involved in similar activities please tell me even if it was years ago.

If you ask for help from me it is useful to know:

  • Whilst I am working for you please refrain from receiving other types of energy healing. The saying, "Too many cooks spoil the broth," is very true in this case. Once I have cleared you it is fine to resume any energy therapies you like to have.

  • Some of the effects of entity attachments take time to clear. Sometimes there will be an immediate and tangible improvement. More often the change is gradual and clients notice their energy improves over days or weeks. Please be patient! If you have had an entity attachment for years then it is unrealistic to expect an instant return to full health. That would be like taking antibiotics for one day and going back to the doctor to complain you aren't feeling better yet. You will need time to detox and heal and your energy will need replenishing.
  • I will keep you updated as much as is helpful whilst I work. It is important to leave gaps of a few days at a time for healing to take effect. 

  • If you need medical attention please seek it. Entity removal is not a 'miracle cure'.


I work closely with my wife, therapist Lauren D'Silva. Client confidentiality is maintained between us. Lauren specialises in Crystal Therapy. Her main focus is personal and spiritual development. Lauren does not offer any entity removal. If you are interested in her work please contact her only AFTER you have been cleared. Her website is:

I am an entity remover, not a doctor. If you have health concerns you should get them checked out with a qualified medical practitioner. Whilst we believe that entity removal can lift many and diverse symptoms for some people, others will have underlying physical and mental health issues that need to be addressed by a medically qualified professional.  

Note carefully that all materials on this site are copyright of Steve Deeks-D'Silva and Lauren D'Silva 2010-2023. All rights reserved. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission.All information on this site is based on our personal beliefs and opinions. 

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