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What are Negative Entities, Astral Parasites and Earthbound Spirits?


The Nightmare

Henry Fuseli

I f you are already feeling fearful please don't read this page as I describe the sorts of astral beings I most commonly remove. My aim here is to spread some understanding, not to give you nightmares! Fear is not a helpful energy when you have an entity. The information here is all based on my personal experience and on how I am shown these things. Others may see things differently.

Demons often look like the classical ugly gargoyles as portrayed in the 1781 painting The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli. In fact some clients do report feeling pinned down in their beds in this way. The mention of demons is enough to make most people quake with fear. Don't be scared of them! Demonic removals are what most people think of when you say 'exorcist' and this area is my particular speciality. Demonic attachments can have a huge effect on a client's emotions and thoughts. A demon will amplify any darker aspect of the personality (and we all have a shadow side). Having a demonic attachment can make it hard to control your temper or control your addictions. More sensitive clients also feel unwell with a demonic attachment and may experience bad headaches or other symptoms for which a physical cause cannot be found. Remember even with a demonic attachment you do retain a level of free will. Full blown demonic possession is fortunately extremely rare and mostly confined to the horror movies! 

Earthbound Spirits are commonly termed 'ghosts' and the thought of ghosts tends to make people scared, however if you come across a spirit remember that it is only a person the same as you or I, minus the shell of their physical body. An earthbound spirit has not made it across to the Light, which is what should happen when the physical body dies. Often they don't even know they have died. Most earthbound spirits didn't make it to the Light because they were fearful. They may have been stuck on the Earth plane for a long time - years, decades, occasionally I will be shown one that has been stuck for centuries. Spirit release forms a large portion of my work and I must have sent thousands of earthbound spirits to the Light over my time as an entity remover. 

Sometimes an earthbound spirit is malicious, sometimes benign, in just the same way that some people are nice and some are nasty. Spirit release is the act of sending a spirit across to the Light and is an act of compassion. I can help the vast majority of earthbound spirits in this way, the tiny minority that will not go are safely removed in such a way that they cannot come back and bother the client again. 

Please note I do not interview the spirit to find out more about them. My job is simply to get the spirit across to the Light where I believe they will receive the help and healing they need. It is rare that the spirit attachment is anyone the client knows, generally they are just using the energy of the host to sustain their existence on the Earth plane.

Spirits can influence the moods, thoughts and behaviours of susceptible people, however it needs to be clear that having an earthbound spirit around you is not the same as 'being possessed'! 

Sometimes Earthbound spirits find their way in through a Portal in the home, which is an energetic gateway. Until the portal is properly sealed the problems will persist. If I suspect a portal I will request a photo of a room inside the home.  

Please note that earthbound spirits are not the same as Spirit guides who accompany you. Spirit guides are not bound to the Earth plane and have attained a level of wisdom that few of us in human form can claim. I will not remove genuine spirit guides, guardian angels or animal allies! When I work these helpful beings step well back out of my way. 

Astral Parasite is a term I use to describe the many forms of energy parasites that feed off the human energy field. Like physical parasites they aren't usually especially 'dark', or even very aware, but they are hungry! Think of them as psychic leeches. 

These parasitical creatures are very common, but are unlikely to be noticed unless the host is sensitive, or they grow large or numerous. At this point the person's energy or general health may become compromised and they will most likely display some of the signs listed on the Signs and Symptoms page.

All of these astral creatures have one thing in common, they feed on your energy. Here are some of the forms I see regularly:

The variety of parasite I see most often is a tentacled parasite that roots itself into the chakras to feed and can reach out with long tentacles to pull additional energy from the auras of other people around the host. They create holes the host's aura and the auras of people who spend time with them. Often people instinctively give the unfortunate host a wide berth because of this, or friends and family notice they feel drained around them.

I see a slug like form that  also roots into the chakras and can grow huge, eventually draining much of the host's vitality. People with a large parasite will usually experience chronic fatigue. 

I sometimes see an astral serpent or snake-like parasite. These also feed from chakra energy and tend to coil themselves around the torso. Larger ones may coil all the way front the crown down around the torso and twine around one leg to the foot.

There is one type of astral parasite which is rare, but dangerous. It looks like a stingray and attaches to the chest over the heart. This form is potentially deadly, I have only come across these half a dozen times in ten years. The main symptoms are acute chest pain and sudden severe breathing difficulties. Two of the clients had already been admitted to intensive care and were on life support before I was contacted, the other two were so ill they believed that they didn't have long to live. Obviously with such serious symptoms you must seek emergency medical care, it could be a  physical issue - don't rely on simply contacting the Entity Remover!

Negative Entities, or NEGS is an umbrella term in use that covers non-human energy beings with varying levels of intelligence that may deliberately attach themselves to humans. Some are merely mischievous, some want an energy feed, others are downright malevolent. 

Elementals  are usually more cheeky and naughty rather than malevolent. They generally do not 'attach' to a client like the other entities I describe here, but can sometimes be found in the home, occasionally in large numbers where they may enjoy winding up the occupants and sometimes their pets too. I normally send them back into Nature where they belong. 

Extra-terrestrials and Implants sometimes these appear to be innocent looking lights in my client's energy body, but they can cause a variety of symptoms in sensitive people.  Some implants are terrestrial in origin and some are extra terrestrial (ET). The first time I dealt with one was nearly my last! At that time ten years ago I didn't even believe in ET implants and ET contact with Earth. Now I know what they are I am considerably more cautious and I have also been assigned an Extra-terrestrial guide (one of the good guys!) to assist me if I need help to remove them. 

My feeling is that ET implants act like tracking devices for humans in a similar manner to the way we tag and track animals for research. People who have ET implants are usually well aware of some ET activity around them and are generally not surprised to learn they have and implant, although they don't necessarily have memories of the implant being inserted.

I am an entity remover, not a doctor. If you have health concerns you should get them checked out with a qualified medical practitioner. Whilst we believe that entity removal can lift many and diverse symptoms for some people, others will have underlying physical and mental health issues that need to be addressed by a medically qualified professional.  

Note carefully that all materials on this site are copyright of Steve Deeks-D'Silva and Lauren D'Silva 2010-2020. All rights reserved. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission.All information on this site is based on our personal beliefs, experiences and opinions. 

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