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My case with Extra-Terrestrials and Astral Implants (Beware, Very Dangerous Information!!!)

I really want to thank Steve for helping me to get out of my experience which really was a hard one to fight, he risked his life for me. I understand if you believe my story is pure delusional imagination, I would love it would be so. Entities Removal is not something that any healer or Guru can do, it involves in many cases, to risk your life because sometimes the spirits involved are very powerful entities with knowledge and consciousness far beyond ours.

The first part of the story is somehow common, but the second part is where the interesting events arrive. I was sleeping at pacific night around 12:30am when suddenly I perceived an extremely strong energy beside me, it was the energy of a powerful demon. I am used to deal with these sorts of entities but I had never experienced something so powerful. That entity made me feel as If I were a poor flower drying in the middle of a lethal electromagnetic field.

The entity got on to my bed in order to attack my solar plexus. I was sleeping with my face up, so I crossed my arms in order to protect the area intended to be attacked. I could perceive that the demon had some weird sharpened artifact on his hands, he attempted to penetrate my solar plexus with that stuff, however his attempt failed because I could protect me with my arms crossed and he could barely touched my solar plexus.

The entity just disappeared after I managed to throw him backwards with my legs. After this, the blood of my arms around the area that was penetrated by the entity was like burning, it was as if I had received the bite of a poisonous snake in my arms and in the area of my solar plexus. I have practiced Reiki and some other healing techniques for some years, so I could clear the negative energy in my arms and solar plexus. I did some exercises to cover my auric field with four layers for protection, it took me around an hour and a half to do so.

I went back to bed around 1:30am with peace in my mind. Around 2:00 am, again, I had my weird visitor beside me. This time he acted quickly, he managed to destroy my four layers of protection very easily, I tried to protect me in the same way with my arms crossed but this time the demon could penetrate my stomach area with that weird artifact. I thought it was one more of those countless attempts to steal my vital energy away, however I never felt the sensation of energy depletion with this attack but I could sense again the lethal energy this time in the area of my stomach.

Again, I did some Reiki for around an hour to clear the lethal energy around my Hara Chakra, so I went back to bed around 3am. After this, nothing happened later that night. I was sure that this entity was very advanced with a high level of consciousness but a very dark one like many high hierarchy demons.

Some days later, I started to experience a lot of psychic attacks on daily basis every night. According to Steve, the attackers were tens and tens of wolf and snake entities being sent by someone else. I started to search who was sending the attacks to me and I could perceive a Shaman, I discovered later that this Shaman was being paid by an ex-business partner who had a personal Vendetta against me due to confusion because he believed that I had caused damage to him in his business.

 The attacks were intended to kill me. I had resisted the attacks for around 4 months but my energy was decreasing every day up to the point in which I was unable to create any protection for me, so I decided to call Steve for help. I am based on Mexico, so everything that he did was remotely.

Steve agreed with me that a Shaman was involved but when Steve analyzed my case immediately asked me to be honest in order to explain the reason behind the attacks. I told him that this was about a misunderstanding from my ex-business partner because he thought that I had betrayed him when actually I did not. However Steve remained a little bit reluctant to believe because the attacks involved a situation much more dangerous compared to the supposed damage to my ex-business partner.

I had to explain to Steve that I was used to this, because every time that I am a victim of Sorcery or Shamanic Attacks, the door is also opened for other things that always lurk around me so the attacks multiply in intensity. I told him that I have been heavily monitored by Extra-Terrestrial beings of several types and I have suffered several astral abductions since I was a child. May be Steve did not believe me this part but he decided to help me, anyway, later, he confirmed what I told him.

Steve started his work by creating a circle of protection to shield me against the attacks of the tens and tens of snake and wolf entities. Later on, he went to visit the Shaman astrally in order to persuade this guy to stop the attacks, but as expected, the Shaman reacted aggressively against him with several attacks of black magic. Steve explained to the Shaman that they were attacking the wrong guy (me) and that this was an error. Finally, the Shaman stopped the attacks after a week, but my energy condition was not ok at all. The shaman just became the puppet of a superior power in this game.

I could confirm that the sort of entities attacking me were wolfs and snakes because my dreams were full of them. Also, I had dreamed one night that I was fighting unsuccessfully against a giant octopus. Steve told me later that I had an octopus entity hanging from my Heart Chakra and it was very difficult for him to remove it. I understand now, why some people die mysteriously due to heart strokes when they never had any clinic record supporting the development of a heart stroke.

After this, I told to Steve that I no longer felt any discomfort due to the Shamanic attacks but my Chest and Solar plexus area were very jammed by some sort of energy, it was as if I had a stone in that area. Actually, I had to sleep on my chair instead of my bed because I was unable to sleep horizontally otherwise my breath was so difficult that I feared that one morning I was going to end very stiff and cold, I had to maintain my back with some slope 30 to 45 degrees for several months.

It was very weird, that energy moved to my solar plexus when I was walking or stand up and moved to my chest and heart when I was sleeping horizontally, it was as If it was following gravitational rules. Steve went back to check for my problem and he told me that I had a BLUE BALL of energy between my solar plexus and my chest. When he told me this, I started to figure out what it could be, I had no idea how this thing got into me!!?, I thought I had created this ball of energy because I had practiced Reiki with me over my solar plexus area for a month, however I had a different feeling because of the oddities of my past. The explanation comes next.

This is the “Out of this World” part.

Steve told me: I am going to check your problem today to see what I am going to do. That day was terrible for me, I had to leave the office to go to my apartment because I was feeling with nauseas , very weak and with a strong pain in my chest. I decided to take a nap for an hour or so, but in fact I lost the sense of time, actually I had some missing time, because I awoke confused 6 hours later believing that had slept just 2 hours at worst. I read Steve’s email on next day, to see what had happened because I was feeling very weak.

He explained to me that he was not feeling ok and that something was very wrong with him, he told me that the BLUE BALL of astral energy was connected to a mothership/spaceship full of ugly beings (demons lurk for physicality as well and they incarnate). When he attempted to cut the ball of energy in my solar plexus, the ball moved to my heart chakra, when he attempted to cut the ball in my heart chakra, the ball moved downwards to my solar plexus, he described the same symptoms that I felt and the motion of the that thing that was moving as it were subject to physical laws of our realm. It was in fact an ET implant to monitor me.

Steve got into a lot of troubles with those odd beings by helping me, so they started to attack him with several psychic attacks at the ET level. I guess that if I had requested help to someone else with less knowledge and less skills, that person had succumbed by the power of such ETs. Those ET beings were not just trying to scare Steve, first, they actually attempted to cut his silver cord (the link between his soul and the physical body), that is, “death”. Second, they attempted to insert another implant like the one I had. What happened next was a war between Good and Evil, countless light beings had to interfere in order to help us, the details are harder to believe than science fiction.

I cannot express how grateful I am with Steve, I had received a second chance to live. I had heard of several cases of ET Astral Implants, they are normally used to monitor and to understand human emotions and their effects at different levels, we are considered so weird by several ET races in the same way that they are so weird for us, some ETs use the implants simply to understand us and to have more knowledge about how different beings behave but many ETs use the implants to understand how to control us either massively or individually. However, my implant was quite different and for other purposes. Of course, the key element was “control over me” at multiple levels but there was another one: self-destruction (if I had succumbed to the effects of the implant). At the end, I could understand that the mysterious visit of my visitor that pacific night in my room was not for the purpose of stealing my energy away.

Well, this is my story told as honest as I could.

Thank you Steve.

Carlos, Mexico

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