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I had been feeling very tired for the last week, but had been working overtime to meet a deadline so just attributed it to this. I also had a pounding headache that would not shift completely even after I had taken painkillers. It had gotten to the stage where I was just coming in from work, having food and going straight to sleep, but no matter how much sleep I had it didn’t seem to make a difference to how tired I felt the next day and my sleep was wracked with nightmares. I started to think that perhaps I was coming down with a cold. I only realised that something was wrong when I slept for 18 hours straight over the weekend, and had to force myself to get out of bed for food.

I knew that something was draining my energy but I had no idea what. I had previously been on a Psychic Protection Course taught by Steve and his partner Lauren, and I was able to use some of the tools they had taught me during that weekend to try and solve the issue. However, although I have found these tools very effective on previous occasions, this time I still did not feel any better so I contacted Steve, explained the problem and asked for his help.

Steve asked for a recent photograph of myself and offered a free, initial consultation in order to assess the problem. What I like most about the service that Steve offers is if there is nothing wrong then he won’t charge you! Also, by this point I was starting to get a bit worried, and it was a relief to be able to talk to someone openly, in confidence and say, ‘I think I’ve got some kind of energy attachment that is draining me!’ without having to worry that they thought I was mad.

Within twenty minutes of Steve removing the attachment, my headache lifted for the first time in a week and a half. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief, and although I was still tired, I felt positive and like myself again. I also spoke with Steve later that evening who explained to me exactly what the problem had been, and offered easy to follow advice and guidance on how to strengthen my protection so that I could ensure that a similar situation would not occur in the future.

Steve’s manner was very reassuring and empathetic, it is not a particularly pleasant experience to find out that you have a psychic parasite, but he assured me that it was not my fault and that I had done nothing wrong!

Although, I instantly felt better and the nightmares stopped, it took a few days for my energy levels to return to normal because I had been so drained. During this time, I kept Steve updated on how I was feeling. A small part of me was afraid that now I was in a weakened state that something else may try to attach itself to me, so it was a comfort to know that there was an after care service and that I was not alone during this time.

S B South Wales 

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