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Ursula's Testimonial

Just as I was reaching a low point of despair, I found, seemingly by chance, Steve’s website. I was immediately impressed by his down to earth and no-nonsense approach to a realm of existence that I had always suspected to be there, although there was no tangible evidence to prove my assumption. On his website, he came across as honest, reliable, and experienced, and undoubtedly, he had dealt with every imaginable situation in his field.

Steve replied to my letter almost at once, and let me know that I was literally beleaguered by five different entities: Two big parasites, one of them a potentially life-threatening stingray-like entity, a demon, and two earth-bound spirits. He removed them the next day; and already at that point, I intuitively knew that I would get better over time.

Since I had been so severely infested, my healing took place over almost three months. Steve checked on me often, sometimes even without my request, and always communicated his findings in a kind, attentive, and caring fashion. He made it a point to read and reply to every one of my mails. There were some intense moments: During the worst of the detoxing process I felt physically ill to the point that I went to the emergency room, and at one time, even picked up another earth-bound spirit. Steve was always accessible and attended to these events practically at once. I felt extremely well taken care of during the whole process.

Now, three months later, my life has changed dramatically. My mood, energy, and outlook are much improved, my chronic anger and negativity vanished, my sleep is good, and I feel quite healthy, considering my age. I am looking forward to the rest of a hopefully long, healthy, and satisfying life. It was an incredible luck that I found Steve’s website. I don’t know what would have happened to me had I not “met” him, and I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart. Hope he continues a long time with his work- it is to the immense benefit of all of us!

Ursula, Switzerland

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