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Adriana's Testimonial

My name is Adriana and I live in Holland, Europe.

About 2 weeks ago I thought that I did not have much time left to live. I was under continuous attack by astral parasites, but had no idea what was happening to me. I was in tremendous pain and I was lacking sleep for 3 months.

This started 3 and a half months ago when I started to feel energy rushes through my body. In the beginning the energies that I felt were pleasant, but after having them bouncing and vibrating for hours in my body, I would feel physical pain. I have never experienced anything unnormal before, so what was happening to me was completely new and scaring. I was lacking sleep, as the energies would come strongly at night and I would stay awake and fight them by closing my chakras as I have taught myself to do from YouTube videos. After some time, the energies would locate themselves in the main chakras and would change place from time to time. Every morning I would be tired and feel a lot of pain.

As the situation was becoming worse, I started looking on internet to find anything similar and by using the term “energy” I found a reiki healer who said he could help me, so I made an appointment. He gave me a reiki healing session, repairing my aura and giving me more energy. He taught me how to do the grounding meditation and how to heal my aura. He also started to send me energy every day. But it did not help.

He then advised me to go to a colleague of his specialised in white magic and exorcism. This second person assessed an “octopus”- like entity on me, did some white magic for 4 days and said afterwards that the entity was gone, but that he was attacked by something else in my aura, so he could not help me anymore.

He referred me to the strongest exorcist in the Netherlands, so we went to this 3 person. This one teached me to pray and said that I will be free the moment that I completely came to believe. I started praying, but in the meantime, the energy attacks would continue and even become stronger and take place not only during the night but also during the day. Of course I would still receive energy from the reiki healer, which at that time I thought to be beneficial!

When things got worse and the prayer would not help, I found a pranic healer who started to treat me with energies twice a week. He had been under psychic attack himself some time ago, and the pranic healing helped him, so he was convinced that this treatment would help me, too.

In the meantime, I realised that the energies I felt in my chakras were actually an entity who was feeding on my energy. I also realised that it had fixed times to eat, as it would wake me up every night at the same hours.

Things were getting worse and at one point I was so much in pain and so tired as I hadn't had a good night sleep in 3 months, that I started again the search for new solutions on internet.

That was when my husband found Steve's site and we immediately contacted him.

Steve assessed me and found out that I was infested by eel-like astral parasites that had been feeding on the energy and had even been breeding! The cleaning would take about a week.

He told me to immediately stop any energy treatment, as these were feeding the parasites and helped them grow.

Of course I stopped as well the reiki healer who was sending me energy every night and also my pranic healing appointments.

One day later, Steve did the first cleaning and left one of his helper guides to stay behind with me and get the left over little buggers. During the week, Steve checked on me another 3 times. And after exactly one week he declared that I was clean.

The cleaning week was rough on me, as I was feeling a lot of energies going through my body and twice I had to ask Steve's helper guide to stop for a few hours as I was in pain.

A surprise was that my husband also carried a parasite, which had tentacles. This might have been the initial entity that one of my previous healers had seen on me and which might have jumped off me and moved on to my husband. So Steve did the removal of the “octopus” too. He also checked my house, kids and pets. We are now parasite-free!

When this was all over, I realised that if I had not found Steve, I would have probably not last for another half year and that the torture would have killed me. I am greatful to Steve and his guides for saving my life.

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