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Top Ten Crystals for Protection

I'm Lauren D'Silva, Steve Deeks-D'Silva's wife. I am a Crystal Healer and I write about and teach crystal therapy. Here are my top 10 choices of protective stones. There are many more, but these ones are easy to get hold of, relatively inexpensive and have proven their worth time and time again.

Black Tourmaline

This is my number one choice for protection and I have seen it literally ‘switch off’ an attack for someone who was pale, panicking, sweating and shaking a moment before. Black tourmaline provides firm grounding, which is a big factor in feeling safe and secure. The action of this crystal is also strongly purifying. You can get black tourmaline in varying sizes. I have some large chunks that I use as grounding stones for clients, plus some smaller natural points that are great for using in a crystal grid or on a distant healing layout. Keep a piece of black tourmaline on your person if you are living or working in difficult energies and cleanse it daily.


The Ancient Egyptians utilised the protective powers of Carnelian and many artefacts have been found from this time. It is a stone of courage and strength and so an excellent choice if you have lost confidence, or feel weakened or undermined. 


This gemmy green stone is a popular choice in jewellery. Peridot is another stone which was known to the Ancient Egyptians. Its traditional use was to ward off the evil eye. It is a good stone to choose if you are feeling fearful. No-one can undermine your energy if you are clear in yourself. Peridot gently comforts us and cleanses the heart of hardness, bitterness and negativity.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian can protectively shield you. It can help you understand the difficult energy. We need mirrors to learn about ourselves. If you have an opponent then there is probably something in them that needs looking at it within you. Obsidian can help you see patterns which are unobserved because they have been hidden in your shadow nature. By looking within you can often find the root causes for any negativity you may attract from without. Apache tears are a specific form of obsidian that are especially grounding and protective, particularly where there is emotional pain that needs to heal.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of strength and mediation between extremes. This golden brown shimmering stone can be a wonderful to meditate upon. It boosts the energy of the physical giving the user more stamina and perseverance; very helpful when a situation looks like it will be ongoing for a while. Tiger’s Eye can help you see more clearly what is truly fair and stand strongly in the energy of justice. It is an excellent stone to choose if you work in an environment where there is a lot of tension or disputes.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is grounding and purifying. It will send inharmonious energies down into the Earth to be transmuted. If you use pieces with natural terminations you can lie with the crystals point downwards between the feet to accentuate this action. If you are walking about carrying a smoky quartz in your hip pocket will do the job. Smoky quartz is also good at clearing electrical ‘smog’ from our auras, so have one with you when you work on a computer, but remember it will need very regular cleansing and charging.

Red Jasper

This very down to earth stone is a willing ally in strengthening your system so that you become much less vulnerable to difficult energies. It is especially good in aiding recuperation after illness. 


Jet has been traditionally used in jewellery as a mourning stone. It was formed aeons ago from submerged wood and sometimes a raw piece is found with the bark still visible. Jet has protective properties and is a helpful ally for those who become a focus of malicious thoughts or misguided magical workings, helping to neutralise the negativity and transmute the energy so that it does not harm.


This dark green stone is spotted with red, hence its name. It is another stone of strength and stamina that can be of great assistance to the spiritual warrior. Bloodstone can help you find the courage to tackle the obstacles in your path.


Strongly protective, this green stone exhibits many wonderful patterns and swirls when it is tumbled. Malachite is my choice when there is something ‘poisonous’ going on energetically. It is great for pulling the ‘venom’ out of your system and leaving you feeling clean and fresh. It needs very thorough cleansing afterwards, I often put tumbled malachite into a bowl of sea salt to get it really clean again. Do not be tempted to reuse the salt!

Use these stones individually or in combination with each other, perhaps making a medicine pouch to carry them in. Some have a natural affinity for working together and their energies can combine to become a very potent protection. Hold different stones together until you find a personal combination that helps you feel strong and protected.

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