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Monthly Check ups Multiple Subscription

If you would like me to check you and your partner or relative (with their knowledge and consent) or you and your home on a monthly basis please click on the subscribe button below. Once the service is activated the onus is on you to ask me to look, so please do keep me updated and contact me when you are ready for your monthly check. You will be charged £40 GBP each month automatically. 

Work covered under this service includes smallish removals, aura cleansing, minor auric repairs and top ups for your healing. A home check up includes moving earthbound spirits to the Light and closing portals. 

Anything more substantial will be reported back to you and quoted for. You are not obliged to go ahead with additional work of this nature and may cancel this subscription at any time, however any monies already paid for monthly checks will not be refunded.

The £60 GBP subscription button below covers checking two people and their home.

 Please unsubscribe using the button below.

NB. You should only have arrived on this page because I have sent you a link! If you have landed here by accident and want to pay for monthly check ups please contact me to discuss your suitability. Normally this service is reserved for my clients after they have been cleared and would like the reassurance of being checked on regularly.

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