Entity Removal

          Clearing Entities and Astral Wildlife from People and Places


We live in changing times. As the energies on the Planet lift in vibration there is an increasing contrast between Light and Dark. Many people are waking up to their vocations as healers, psychics and mystics. In the process they 'turn up' their spiritual light and sometimes beings of a low frequency are attracted like moths to a flame.

Healers who work in other people's auras need to be especially aware of this possibility as astral parasites can 'jump ship' preferring the fresh and tasty energy of the healer to the tired and depleted energy of their original host. For those who are sensitive these attachments can feel unpleasant and will cause energy depletion. Our energy fields are not designed to carry these freeloaders and even a relatively inactive attachment can drain energy and drag the vibratory rate of the energy field down.

I am Steve Deeks-D'Silva, Entity Remover. I offer you one free initial consultation by email, wherever you are in the world in order to assess your situation. I will report back my findings and you can then decide if you'd like to pay for my help. Please note that looking for you takes time and energy, therefore I request that you familiarise yourself with the information on my site as it should answer many of your questions. 

I am an entity remover, not a doctor. If you have health concerns you should get them checked out with a qualified medical practitioner. Whilst we believe that entity removal can lift many and diverse symptoms for some people, others will have underlying physical and mental health issues that need to be addressed by a medically qualified professional. 

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